SPANISH WORLD INSTITUTE (SWI) is Language School that provides overseas students with Spanish training regardless their linguistic level. We are an academic institution where student’s exchange and interaction will be the main tools to learn the new language and get a taste of the mystery Colombian ancestral culture. At Spanish World Institute, students will exchange their experience to help each other go forward faster in the learning process and also get to know many other aspects of our culture and ways of life.


The accommodation service is an essential component of our students stay with us. We carefully select host families. As an alternative to staying with a host family, we offer residential accommodation with students from around the world in private flats or hostals. Before arriving in Bogotá, each student receives a short description of the type of accommodation. If it is a host family it includes details of the various interests of the family members and information about the house and its location. We suggest that students complete all the accommodation arrangements several weeks before arriving.


  • General Spanish
  • One-to-one tuition
  • D.E.L.E. Preparation
  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish + Colombia Cultura
  • General Spanish + Salsa Lessons
  • Spanish + Excursions
  • Club 50
  • Spanish for Adoption of Colombian children


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